Thursday April 11 afternoon

We will explore Nijmegen during a guided walking tour through the city. You may select out of 3 topics for this tour during your registration:

1.    Highlights of Nijmegen 
The guides will walk you through the oldest part of Nijmegen which is located between the St. Stevenskerk and Kronenburgpark. They take you through the oldest shopping street in the Netherlands, past medieval buildings and what’s left from the city walls and towers.

2. Liberation of Nijmegen
The walk takes you to the hotspots of Nijmegen during the liberation and the places where fierce fighting took place in September 1944 during Operation Market Garden. Nijmegen was liberated but it also became a frontline city until February 1945. The soldiers slept in the town beds and civilians stayed in the cellars under their houses or in larger shelters nearby. A large part of the medieval city was destroyed during this period.

3. Hidden places
A fascinating walk along places in the historic city center that you would normally never see. 

For all walks we will start at the conference venue at 14.45 hour!

We will finish for some drinks at brewery “De Hemel” where you can taste special beers starting around 16.30 hour.

Friday April 12 evening
We will have a gala dinner at Fort Lent and subsequently a party with live music. Fort Lent: an ancient historical fortification hidden as a pearl in a typical Dutch landscape close to the banks of the Waal river. Where hospitality is highly valuated for you as guest. There’s a walk in starting at 18.00 hour, followed by a dinner from 18.30 to 21.00 hour. A party with live music will go on until 23.00 hour. We offer you transport by bus leaving at 17.45 hour at the venue and leaving at 23.00 hour at Fort Lent. The distance from the venue to Fort Lent is 3,8 km. It's also off course an option to walk or bike to Fort Lent, especially when your hotel is nearby.
Dress code at the gala dinner is Smart casual.